Friday, December 30, 2005

I DID IT !!!!!!!

I finally got the courage to write my first entry ! WOAW !!! Not bad after 4 months ! The two bottles of wine might have helped a little but ... this is a HUGE step for me ! I'm pretty new to this so bear with me !!

I just came back from an odd date... See, i've been "in likes" with that guy for some years now (wow, I am getting old and pathetic !) Actually, we've been playing a game for many years... you know the one... like-you-like-you-not... used to be " friends with benefice" as my mom likes to say but then the fiancée came back after a prolonged trip oversea... Hum.. fiancée... yep, he forgot to mention that part ! Since then, we've been friends, soul mates, whatever would call it. Although there is no more "benefice" to our friendship (and yes, i've dated many other guys, thank you very much. I am not that stupid and I am a musician after all ) , we still get drunk together from time to time and tell each other nothing but ALL the truth. So his conclusions for tonight ? Well, I should start playing the game better, he loves me to death but not the way he should and I'll be the perfect Godmother for his kids...

Ouch !!!

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