Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I was chatting with THE BEST FRIEND (lets call him Mr. Magoo) this morning when the status of my love life came up.

When I mentionned that I didn't seem to find any decent guys worth taking a shot at dating, Mr. Magoo casually mentionned that he totally agreed with me : 'cause I probably have dated all the bad guys in town and there are none left...


I then proceeded to spend the entire morning scrutinizing every single relationships I've ever had (nobody should be allowed to do so unless totally wasted) and the realization that Mr. Magoo was right hit me real hard.

I used to joke that my only requirements guys wise were:

- that he slept on the left side of the bed
- had the "BBQ chicken" option on his oven

That time is soooo gone.

After taking some very serious relationship tests over the internet ( Not kidding !) I now have new requirements ! Yé me !!!!

Here's the new list:

- Willing to be included in my life
(I'm not expecting him to show up to every single events but once or twice a year would be nice)
- Who will do his best to protect me (not someone I need protection from for a change...)
- Who has ambitions and dreams
- Who can hold a job for more than 3 weeks (and no, giving me updates on soaps doesn't qualify as a job)
- Who can handle just about any social situation, small town to big city
- Who is emotionally open
- Who comes from a fonctional family or had serious therapy
- Who will not move in with me after 2 weeks of togetherness (or 2 days for that matter... and one would think it is a good pointer...)

Anything else I should add ??

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