Wednesday, April 12, 2006

2006 ? Really ??

I was doing a gig this weekend (I know, shocker) and that really cute waiter passed by...
A fellow trumpet player noticed him as well and we started arguing if the guy was on my side or on his side. We are usually pretty good at that game but this time, we remained clueless as the waiter seemed flirty with both of us... (That reminds me: We ought to find new strategies) We were still having a blast when the other trumpet player sitting beside me ( an unknown extra ) decided to pitch in the conversation.

It pretty much went like this:

Extra : what's all the fuzz ?
Me : I think the waiter over there has a really cute butt
Extra : Hum... that guy smells like pee
Me : ???????
Extra : Well, its pretty obvious : that guy is gay. It's discusting...
Me : ????????????????????????? and then #"%?&*****


Is she for real ?

I mean: I am not delusionnal. There will always be buttheads around. Totally intollerent racist people that don't see further than their own nose (for me, Racism means discrimination against race, color, religion, orientation, against... you get it) but coming from a 35 years old educated women in the music industry ?

Just WOW

That reminded me of a conversation I had with my niece. A couple of months ago, she asked me if I would marry THE ROOMMATE one day. I wasn't sure about her father's position on the subject ( he is known to have questionable opinions sometimes... ) but I didn't want to avoid the subject neither.
I casually explained that some famillies have only a mom or only a dad. Some famillies have a mom and a dad, while some famillies have 2 moms or 2 dads and gaves her examples of people we know. I then explained that THE ROOMMATE would , someday, have a 2 dads familly. That might not be the best answer but I felt pretty good about it. She looked at me and THE ROOMMATE for a couple of minutes and asked: "That's cool !!! But then, will you marry THE ROOMMATE's boyfriend ? 'cause I really like him !"

Hum... almost there...

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