Monday, July 17, 2006

Travelling... musician's way

A month long tour in Europe... Almost free
All-you-can-drink booze wherever you go... free
A bigger memory card for your Digital camera... Somehow, free
Pictures of you and your friends totally waisted in Paris on July 14th... Priceless

And you, any longlasting travelling memories like these ?

I am now in London enjoying the last bit of the tour. I'll be back home on July 22nd... that's when my blog will explode with way too many stories about the trip !!


KaraMia said...

huh, so why dont WE get to see the pictures!!

Just a trumpet player said...

Karamia... don't you just love teasers ??

Calliope said...

hurrah for an update.
can't wait to see the photo you got of MY boots!!