Thursday, October 19, 2006

He know me so well...

I guess only quebequers or people that know me will relate to this but here's a conversation I had with my dad this morning, on MSN...

Pa says : Hey !
JATP says : Hey ! Whats up ?
Pa says : Listen, I just received the Sweet People CD collection ; 25 cds !!! I'm doing some MP3... would you like a copy ?
JATP says : Sweet People ?? Hum... no
Pa says : You sure ? 'cause I really don't mind !!
JATP says : I'm positive : NO.. but thanks
Pa says : OK then, your lost !!
JATP says : I'm sure...
Pa says : have a nice day ! Bye paxxxxxxxxx
Vero dit : xxx

Oh my...

I need a drink ; quick !!


Anonymous said...

Ever tried talking with a Greek? That's my dad..Yikes! At least he wasn't asking about your battery purchases!

Pearl said...

And I need, but it only lists 1 CD.
drink against the music or the
your loss / your lost?

Michele sent me.