Thursday, November 9, 2006

Operation JATP

That's it. I can't deny it anymore : I have to loose weight. For myself. And for my job...

See, one of my many jobs requires to be fit ; something I haven't been for a very long time. I've been giving myself and the people around me loads of very good and very lame excuses for my curent weight but the thruth is : I had just given up.

I've been working hard on learning to know myself again for the past 2 years : I left a very violent and abusive relationship and moved back to a safe place, surrounded by friends and familly. But I've also surrounded myself with comfort food...

It did take a long time heal, emotionally and physically. I had to re-learn my likes and dislikes, what I stand for... and I am still learning ! But I have finally gained back my self-love and self-respect and can finally say that I am not OK with my body.

Since I always had a hate/love relationship with food, I decided to meet with a nutritionist to discuss a plan of action. Not fun. That getting on the balance thing and seing your real weight ? Nobody should be allowed to do so while sober. Seing that number writen on a piece of paper ? That's when I started to cry. But in the end, I left the office quite confident that I would reach my goal. I was given a quite resonable plan that will require some sacrifice (Buh-bye comfort food !) but will give me some options : I now have the choice between that weekly drink with friends or that tiny piece of chocolate... You already know the answer to that one !!

Wish me luck !!

Still reading ??

So. That plan of action ?

First thing first : Getting rid of all candies or sugary things. I'm getting rid of the stash tonight.

Calendar : 12 weeks

Weight lost goal : 42 pounds or 3.5 pounds/week (hum... I'm kinda aiming for 52 but lets keep that a secret...)

Fitness regiment 4 days / week :
Push-ups (army style), sit-ups and at-home elyptical machine.
Taking stairs instead of elevator and walk in the evening.

Food / liquid intake (for the first 2 weeks) :
Drinking 8 full glasses of watered down, unsweetened cranberry juice.
Lemon juice in hot water instead of coffee.

Breakfast : 1 egg, 2 servings of fruits

Snack : 1 serving of fruit (no banana allowed...)

Lunch : Slim fast shake (chocolate flavored not allowed... really not fair !)

Snack : Cottage cheese with unsalted crakers

Diner : Lean fish or meat, 2 servings of non-starch vegetables

Snack : 1 serving of fruit (no banana allowed...)

And down we go... Wish me luck !!


utenzi said...

Michele sent me, JATP.

I feel your pain. I'm 217.5 lbs as of 8am this morning. I like to weigh myself--it's a thing I have with numbers. At 6 feet of height, I definitely weigh too much but I don't feel like losing any weight right now. I should weigh around 180 so eventually...

As for your plan of action, JAPT--I don't think 12 weeks is enough time but good luck with your regimen. I'm sure you'll have a nice quick loss the first couple of weeks. It's that 3rd week and after than can be really tough. Especially since you're starting off during the holiday season. You can certainly do it--keep us updated!

Juggling Mother said...

3.5 lbs a week is quite a lot, I wouldn't go for any more if you expect to keep it off! I thi nk it's a bit unfair not to allow banana's or choccy slimfast (although, actually I'm not a fan of slimfast at all - it's such a short term fix, and doesn't solve the underlying nutritional education requirement).

good luck. Jut getting fitter will make you feel so much more like putting th effort into the eating side of things. That's the bit I really miss now that I've got a fairly sedentary job.

Here from michele's to offe you support & good wishes.

Dave said...

Firstly good luck, second general exercise is better than push ups etc as they just build muscle which is heavier than fat. Swimming is great. Go for gradual weight loss as Juggling Mum says.
Good luck again and here from Michele's.

Just a trumpet player said...

Dave - Believe me, I would ratter not do the push-ups but since they are a requirement for one of my jobs...

Juggling mother - 3.5 sounds like an awfull lot but with my frame and methabolism, I could actually go to up to 5.2 pounds... And since I am cutting up all sugar and fast food and drinking a LOT of fluid well...

Utenzi - 12 weeks does seems short. However, I will also start a very demanding physical training in a couple of weeks... I am expected to loose a bit more weight than what's been planned... I should be one hot mama by spring time !!

Paste said...

Difficult thing losing weight, permenantly. Good luck.
Here from Michele's.

Carmi said...

I admire your courage. Losing weight is so much more than a mere diet. It demands a wholesale and permanent change in the way we lead our lives, the way we manage our day.

Anyone who can take on this challenge and win is absolutely deserving of our admiration and respect. Congrats!

Michele sent me to say she wholeheartedly agrees.

Carolyn said...

Hi, here from Micheles :)

Good luck! You sound determined and I believe you'll do it. Doing it for yourself is the best reason, and a wonderful gift to yourself for surviving that relationship. I've been there, done that! :)

kenju said...

I DO wish you luck and I am impressed by your plan. I need to lost about 15 lbs. and I hate the thought! Let us know if you are successful....

Michele sent me.

Shelli said...

being a "BTDT" (been there, done that) gal, I say EASE into it - start with removing the sugar.

Then do one more SMALL thing per day until it becomes a habit.

Sending you strength, as I certainly don't have it myself right now...

Linda said...

Sounds like an interesting diet...but I can't understand the no chocolate diet shake...why?

I'm 10 lbs down, 13 to go, but 18 would be REALLY nice...but 5 more pounds and my "before kids" clothing should fit me.

And what's the deal with the watered down cran juice????

Michele sent me.

Moogie said...

Good luck! You can do it!

Moogie said...

Oh, and Michele sent me. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you sister! I'm down to a very stubborn 15 pounds. Just don't get discouraged and keep u the effort as best you can.

some girl said...

This is fantastic! Good luck to you. I need to do this very same thing. It's just hard this time of the year. Excuses, excuses..

Two Sirius said...

You know...your plan sounds reasonable. I may have to use it as a framework for the 20 lbs. I'd like to take off.

Good luck to you!