Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update !!

Phew !!

That was some long journey...

I've had once again an other big deception, as a fabulous great project was cut short. But life goes on ; moving on. But for once, I won't mention that there are worst things in life, like strawberry quick and pink popcorn. I am actually quite depressed by the end of that project and I will definitely need some time to heal from the deception.

No, I won't get into the details about the end of the project ; I simply don't feel like it. For now. But it also means I had to relocate. Yé !! Move number 42 is now on its way. Good thing I am a light packer !!! I also found, rather quickly, a new job: I am now an operational coordinator. Still not sure as to what I am expected to do but I do know that my brain is very sore after only 3 days on the job. Sore in a good way thought !! The team is actually quite nice and everybody seems to have a great sence of humour, as you can see from the silver plate hanging on the stock room door :

Great laughter all day long over here. I'm having fun.


In other news...

My favorite band, Das Contras. will be playing in Rochester NY this Friday, June 15th, at the Rochester International Jazz Festival !! If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by ; those guys are awsome !

And as a perk, you'll get to meet the most fabulous person : ME !!

How's life been treating you lately ??


calliope said...

hope you are doing ok. sounds like you have been through the wringer.


Diane Mandy said...

There you are! Been wondering about ya. If I lived closer, I'd check the band out!.Hope it's a great time. Sounds like you need some fun. Sorry it's been rough.