Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Weekend nicknack...


My legs are killing me. And I'm definitely doing it again in August !!

But I am getting a shorter wetsuit and way lighter boots. Definitely.


In other news

It was decided, over some green punch and around a herd of gay guys, that my new personal ad should read as this : " early 30's trumpet player, short on legs but flexible and bestial, looking for non hairy guy. "

That was some strong green punch.


I am the coolest aunt ever ! I left the house thinking I would buy a dress and a skateboard for my niece and nephew to celebrate the end of the school year.

I came back with a hamster.

Please meet Leopold Le Grimpeur. Yes, the 2 name thing did brake up a very early morning fight.


How about you ? How was your weekend ??


mar said...

While you were canyoning I was sitting on my couch watching the America's Cup race (not really, it was suspended because of light winds) and then I watched the Concert for Diana. Already covered my tv dosis for the whole month, at least!
forgot: watched the moonrise at the beach on saturday night. That was cool!
happy wednesday! Michele sent me :)

Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello....

Oh, I want some of that green punch and the herd or friends that would come up with such a clever ad. Actually, I have a herd of those friends...now I need the green punch.

You are the best Aunt ever, although I once bought my niece a life size cut out of Johnny Depp, so can I get second best award?

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Carmi said...

Leopold is so sweet! Gotta love him.

The bestiality word will get the search engines wagging, I'm sure. Thanks for the laugh!

Michele thanks you, too. She sent me today...such a cool lady she is!

Nico said...

There is even a picture of the green punch on my blog! ;-)