Thursday, August 9, 2007

I can...

I can change an acceleration belt. By myself.
I can go through serious illness.
I can leave a violent and abusive relationship.
I can go through divorce.
I can put myself through school while working full time.
I can stop smoking.
I can battle addiction.
I can travel by myself.
I can speak 3 languages.
I can drink 25 vodka shots and not be sick.
I can take care of somebody other than myself.
I can bounce back after a big fall.

But I cannot, even to save my life, manage to pick wall colors for my new apartment. I just can't.

I need help.


Karen said...

I am SO with you on that! I'm HORRIBLE at picking colors. I leave that to others. But then, I couldn't do a lot of the other things that you do!

Michele sent me here today. Hope you're having a great day!

sophie said...

I think you *could* do it to save your life, but it might not be a choice you love. I always think it's great to see a room painted a bold, unexpected color. Are you talking about ALL the walls or just some? I have seen some great warm neutral greens and browns on some of the decorating shows lately. When I get around to it, I'm painting my bedroom purple and the girl twins' bedroom blue, all the downstairs is one giant space, so I think I'll stick with the warm beige the builders chose.

Michele sent me to blabber in your comments. I'll be back to see what you decide.

Tiffany said...

I can help! How about Pink....I LOVE Pink :) No really, Beige is always a safe color. Do you have a room theme, decor?

Michele sent me to help you out.

Mr. Althouse said...

Me neither!

Three languages and 25 vodka shots?? Wow!

I'm pretty much color-blind, but I'm sure you'll pick a wonderful color.

Michele sent me,

Michele said...

Impressive list. I can do or have done only six of the items on your list. What six you ask? Oh wait, no, you didn't ask.

Only three languages? Ah, c'mon you can do better than that, in fact, I am quite certain that you can speak vodka, correct? In the land of Absolut that IS a language.

I love picking out paint colours. You will do a wonderful job. However, if you want the Brian Gluckstein secret just ask me....I know it!

Just a trumpet player said...

Michele : You cannot just casually mention Brian Gluckstein, something about a secret and just walk away. Really not fair.

What if I promise some really good wine, would you share ?

Audrey said...

Petit truc... tu trouves une toile ou un dessin qui te fait tripper (idéalement par ses couleurs...) et tu vas chercher tes couleurs dedans. C'est en tout cas ce que j'ai fait avec une toile de Rafuse et je trouve mon appart encore très cool...

flleenie said...

I'll match your 25 vodka shots & raise you 1 Cuervo Gold...(just kidding)

Loved this post! btw, when we bought our home, I thought choosing paint colors was wicked hard too!!

Karen said...

So, I'm dying to know which color you chose...? Or did somebody choose for you?

Michele sent me back here today. Thanks for visiting yesterday!

Becky68 said...

Good luck- I have been carrying the same themes through 2 apartments & 3 houses & a trailer- just because I like what I decided on then- still have the stencils & all the hand towels etc. to go with my sunflower bathroom & my Ivy kitchen- I consider myself lucky that my bedroom is papered in a fairly liveable rose wallpaper & my living room is too crowded to be anything but white walled!
Michele sent me to visit & check out your options. I'll stop back by to see what you choose!