Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lets talk about it...

Week recap. Because you care...

- Got to spend an incredible 3 days with the cutest little girl

- Analysed a file with the fakest transcript ever. It even had 2 typos in the school name !!

- Had a good scream fest with my upstairs neighbour who decided to empty her cat litter box in her toilet. And when that clogged (duh !), decided to pour it in her tub instead. A real smarty. She somehow seemed surprised that that made the 40 years old pipes explode and flooded my bathroom and kitchen. I now have a very scared dog wondering why in hell there's cat poop falling from the ceiling.

- Went to see a new doctor. Lets be graphic here. I've had my periods since August 28. That's right : 213 days. I agree that my condition is not life threatening. However, it is still a big deal. So I decided to go see a doctor who would agree with me on that.

- Sipped champagne from the bottle, with a straw.

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Diane Mandy said...

Finding a doctor who takes ypur problems seriously is so important. I hope you found a good one.