Friday, April 18, 2008

Time for change...

I had my hair cut today. 8 inches of hair were sent to Beautiful Lengths.

I decided on cutting my hair when a coworker mentioned that my best look was the french braid. Hum... And when taking the appointment, the owner asked if I was the girl with the big dog and the way too long hair that live upstairs...

I hate getting my hair cut. I usually end up with a cut that I hate and a style that's impossible to manage. I have no talent with a hair brush and don't plan on becoming a pro anytime soon. But I was pleasantly surprised this time. The hairdresser totally understood my concerns and showed me how style my hair with a blow dryer and my fingers. And that, I can totally do.

What do you think ?


Here's what I managed to do on my own this morning. Not bad hey ?


Anonymous said...

WE love it !!! Your first grown up cut since a long time !!!

R. xxx

calliope said...

SO cute!
No before picture???


Diane Mandy said...


Diana said...

This is a great "do" for you. Oh my, that rhymes. LOL No really. It looks simple, yet chic. Good for you!