Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing Tag...

I was tagged by the very cool Diane Mandy to do a meme about random facts ... Which means I now need to update my site and post something. Crap...

**Just kidding ! I've been in a cheery mood since Monday for some unknown reason so humour me, will you ?

Random Fact # 1:

I have a major addiction to Goglu cookies. Addiction that I've had since I can remember. I eat them a special way and they need to be at a certain degree of moisture. I can't keep them in the house; too dangerous. And my mom just gave a family size box...

Random Fact # 2:

I have a passion for Lip Balm. Nearing an obsession, actually ! Being a trumpet player, I take great care of my lips. But unlike most players who use plain and regular balm, I always carry a wide variety of those small tubes: who knows when the weather or temperature could suddenly dramatically change ? One minute it's sunny and humid, the next its full blown air conditioning in a very dry, claustrophobic room ?? My new obsession is Jack Black's Intense Therapy Lip Balm. FPS 25, lots of Shea Butter, a tiny bit of mint and green tea. Just perfect.

I should get a discount now, right ?

Random Fact # 3:

I am now addicted to F*cebook and Twitter. I just am.

Maybe that explains why I am not posting here as much as I used to. Sorry...

I'll try do to better.

Random Fact # 4:

I am in LOVE with my new phone. Lots and lots of gadgets on it; perfect for somebody that gets bored as easily as me. And one of my favorite one ? The step counter. Since setting it on last Wednesday, I have walked a grand total of 78827 steps. That's 60.4 km (or 37.53 miles) people !!

Random Fact # 5

I'm addicted to gossip blogs. Really. I know it is very wrong to encourage such sites but I need my daily dose of other people's ''not-so-real'' life. I just need it.

Random Fact # 6

I have been contemplating buying a house for a couple of weeks now. Many people close to me are either have a baby or buying a house. And since I cannot make a baby by myself, I could certainly buy a house on my own ! But since I am on my own and since my credit rating is not that shiny, I managed to get pre-approved for a very tiny house loan. Tiny. Major fixer upper type of loan. But still. And while I am very excited about the idea of buying on my own, I have decided not to rush into things and wait for my perfect fixer upper to come along. And is it wrong that I passed on seeing a maybe perfect house just because I couldn't pronounce the name of the street ?

That's it folks !

I am now tagging:



Diane Mandy said...

Great answers! Thanks for playing along.

calliope said...

awesome facts!
Here are mine for you:
1) I have a very vocal gut. If the room is quiet you could hear me digesting all effing day long. It is quite annoying!
2) I used to want to make puppets or work with them for a living
3) I can not stand heat or hot weather
4) I can not leave the house if there are dishes in the sink
5) my computer keyboard is extremely loud and annoying
6) I have the same middle name as my Grandmother, who has the same middle name of HER grandmother, who has the same...oh you get it.