Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Really ?

Conversation we had over lunch this weekend:

Guy: I'm positive you'll be having a girl
Bob and I: Really ? How come ??
Guy: Well, women pregnant with girls stay cute. Women expecting boys become butt ugly.
Bob and I: ?????????????
Guy: I'm telling you !
Me, trying to stay focussed: I recall your fiancee is also expecting ! Do you know the gender ?
Guy: Yeah. A boy.


I actually had to leave the table.

He should know by now: don't piss off a pregnant lady. Just don't.

Bob and I happen to actually believe that all pregnant women are beautiful. Each in their own way. Something to do with the glow... and the belly !

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Olivia said...

Guy also has the old-wives tale wrong. It's "a girl steals the mother's beauty" i.e. a woman having a girl will be uglier than a woman having a boy. What a dumbass. All women are beautiful.