Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Facts about Little Miss M:

- She's grown 9 cm over the last month

- She's gained 4.5 pounds

- Breastfeeding is a no-go for us: She ended up with a badly cracked lip, and I, with very blody nipples. Giving her her first bottle was very, very emotional for me: She was a champion at latching from the get-go! But I didn't have enough colostrum and the milk never came.

- Little Miss M doesn't like a dirty diaper and boy, will she let the world know as soon as something hits that diaper!

- Belly time has been a challenge since day 11: she'll flip on her back in less than 5 seconds! Finding ways to streighten her neck mucles hasn't been easy.

- She is a huge farter. HUGE! It still amazes me how much air can come out of such a tiny body. Daddy is very proud.

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