Monday, February 1, 2010


I am learning not to panick at new medical terms. I'm also learning not to Google every single one of those new terms. It is a slow process...

Meghan had, or so we thought, a residue infection from a cracked lip from birth that led us to the ER, which led us to an emergency consult with a specialist the following day, which led us to an invasive treatment 4 days later.

(Before anyone comment: we aren't bad parents who didn't noticed something was wrong. We followed every steps from consulting the government issued book (Tiny Tots to toddler), calling the Info-Santé service, asking advices from the pharmacist who recommended we see an ER ped, which would speed up the road to treatment, if needed...)

The verdict:

Meghan has a very fast growing ulcerated hemangioma on her bottom lip. No, it is not life treatening. But it is hurting her, a lot. It also makes feeding quite difficult and painful. And it makes my heart bleed to see her in so much pain.

We are fortunate enought to live 30 minutes away from one of the best children hospital in North America; also the only one that can treat that kind on hemangioma in Eastern Canada.

Laser treatment was started last week as well as injections. We can already see an improvement. We are also applying Lidocaine on her lip before feeding, which helps her.

We'll meet with the specialist again on February 9th, to decide on the next steps...

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