Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Black Sheep !!!

I'm the black sheep of the family !

That is indeed my father's conclusion. See, all of my sisters, all four of them, are now married ; which is, apparently, the Summum of one's life. I, on the other end, am single, living with a gay roommate and a professional musician... Even though I've been a WORKING professional musician for a couple of years now, he is still begging me to find a REAL job ; one that would include a desk, a 9 to 5 schedule, a long commute and that would require me to dress like a lady. Hum... not happening. I am not about to rush into getting married with one of the sooo many creeps that I seem to attrack and I love my job ! I am lucky enought to have found a real passion and be able to make a decent living out of it. I love my everchanging schedule ; know what ? I got up at 10h00 this morning ; did a good 3 hours practice session, gave 3 lessons and yep ! I made the same salary as my oh ! so-bored-married-sisters... How about that ??

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