Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Yep, that's what I'll been doing. I'll hide out from most everyone. Text messages, IMs, emails, voicemails...I'll be ignoring most everyone so I can think. Away from everyone. Away from everything. Except myself.

See, I've been doing a gig for the past year or so that required me to complete a fitness evaluation : steps , sit-ups , push-ups and grip tests. Easy. Or so I tought... Today was my last and final trial. And I failed. Miserably.

Steps ? Check
Sit-ups ? Check
Grip ? Check
Push-ups ? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh

I've been training real hard for that test and was sooo confident but I froze. Again. The same thing happened the last time as well ! What's wrong with me ?? I can play in front of thousand of people and not have an ounce of stress. But doing Push-ups in front of a single boring instructor ? Scares the shit out of me ; makes me physically AND mentally sick.

What's up with that ?

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Julie said...

je suis vraiment désolée pour toi ... j'ai échoué 2 fois avant de réussir ... j'y avais laissé pas mal d'estime personnelle que j'ai évidemment regagnée quand j'ai réussi. Gros câlins. C'est loin d'être tout l'armée tu sais ...