Sunday, February 26, 2006

She'll never be the same...

We drove to Ottawa on Friday and visited our mom at the Hospital. Seeing her like that was very hard on us.

Her prognostic ?


If you ask HER:
She's fine. She's even leaving this afternoon and going back to work on Monday. She's perfectly healthy. Why do we keep bothering her ? And could we bring her her laptop so she can start working on those important files that were left hanging ?

If you ask the NURSES and DOCTORS:
She stays in the Hospital until next Friday. They are then moving her to a Full Time Rehabilitation Center for at least 3 weeks. The Aphasia should resolve itself in about a month or so ; she is, however, 50 % paralysed on her left side and the doctors are not sure about that one.

Her speech is doing much better. She is still struggling with words when tired.
She can do about 10 meters at snales speed with a walker before loosing her balance.
She can't hold an empty plastic cup with her left hand...
She should be able to walk with a cane in about a month. The cane will be permanent.
She may not be able to drive a car again...
And you have those depression signs.

My nephew asked if Grand-ma still loved him. When asked why, he mentionned that since Grand-ma's heart and head needed some repairs, he was worried that the loving part was damaged. And that's when you really start weeping.

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