Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I was watching television this morning ( I know, so exciting ). The show had a panel discussing the price of gas ; a whole panel that spent 45 minutes complaining about the fact that the price of gas in the US is an aberrant $ 2.90 / gallon ...

Did they ever wondered what other contries might be paying ? Did you know that Canadians are actually paying an average of $ 4.56 / gallon and that people in the Netherlands are paying a whooping $ 6.48 / gallon ?? We're talking about gas, people ; fuel for an automobile. Cars do come with expenses. Get over it. There are things way more important in life than this ! But somehow, the price of gas took all the headlines...

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salaciousD said...

We call it petrol, but we pay... (grabs calculator) $7.32 per US gallon.

At that price, I've had to take my car off the road. It's a serious issue for me. :(


Good blog, by the way, I'm enjoying myself here. lol