Tuesday, April 25, 2006

IT'S A GIRL !!!!!!

Emma had an other sonogram done and she is definitely expecting a girl !!!! The technician had never seen a clearer shot ! Still, her husband had some problems figuring out what he was seeing... hum... I think somebody needs a refresher course in biology...

We were hoping for a happy and unstressfull pregnancy for her ; she is our little sister, our baby and we are very protective of her. But this pregnancy has been total chaos from the get go. Her pregnancy is considered High risk : she's had lazy kidneys for a couple of years now and doctors warned her about the many risks of a pregnancy... and she got pregnant anyway ( don't get me wrong here: we are truly happy for her ! A baby !! Yé !!! ) .

Then last week, her right kidney shutted down completely. It's been decided that they would induce her at 30 weeks gestation. The baby should be fine: at 23 weeks, she is already 1.5 pounds. A real troopper ! You go girl !!

But we're getting worried about Emma. She's basically poisonning herself and there's nothing they can do about it except watch her proteins level and make sure she doesn't reach the unwanted number of 3 ( she is already a 1.8 ) So if everything goes as planned , and we are so praying it does, we should have a new tiny princess in 7 weeks ...

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