Thursday, June 1, 2006

100 things you would probably rather not know about me...

1. I believe in destiny.
2. I have a dirty mind.
3. I don't walk "hand-in-hand" with boyfriends. I just don't.
4. My biggest fantasy would be to see some smooching couple fall in the escalator .
5. I have an identical twin sister .
6. I love thunderstorms.
7. I am a shower person. I hate baths.
8. I am a sucker for road trips.
9. I like driving long distance.
10. I am the most patient person in the world... exept when drinving
11. I started to play music at the age of 3.
12. I hold a Master's degree in music performance.
13. I also have an Artist Diploma in music performance.
14. I color my hair every 3 weeks.
15. I cry at sad movies.
16. I am an aries.
17. I'm addicted to Mah Jong.
18. I read my horoscope every morning.
19. I don't like conflicts. They make me very uncomfortable.
20. I won a kissing contest in Grade 4.
21. I don't go to hair salons : hair dryers are just too out of tune and there are way too many at once in those kind of places.
22. I've been giving myself haircuts for the past 10 years.
23. I could walk miles for Godiva ice cream.
24. I am very allergic to cinnamon.
25. I love eggs benedict.
26. I can't stand Black Pudding.
27. My best friend is a "HE".
28. I never sleep more than 4 hours in a row. Never could.
29. I am very critical of myself.
30. I failed the same philosophy class 4 times.
31. I like Peter Cetera's music.
32. I have 4 sisters and a brother.
33. My brother passed away 10 years ago.
34. I was raised by my father.
35. I was kicked out of school in grade 8 for selling hard liquor in a field trip.
36. I went to a Metallica concert.
37. I can have 25 shooters before loosing it.
38. I have childhood memories from age 1 1/2.
39. I was once sick on a bar. Not in a bar. ON the bar...
40. I can recite entire commercials.
41. I like foreign films.
42. I've moved more often than I've had birthdays.
43. I speak English, French and a bit of Creole.
44. I don't taste any difference between Coke, Pepsi and other Colas.
45. My middle name is Jeen. Yes, 2 "e".
46. My mom is a brilliant Psychologist.
47. My father is a retired cop.
48. I have 3 tattoos and plan on getting more.
49. My favorite color is yellow.
50. My dream car is a 1953 yellow beetle convertible with white seats and roof.
51. I put mayonnaise on everything.
52. I hate purses.
53. I can't stand Jack Daniel. The sight of a bottle makes me sick.
54. I can't wear perfume : I smell like a skonk after 5 minutes.
55. I crave sweet.
56. I bite my nails.
57. I do not tolerate humidity very well. I have a hard time breathing.
58. I have an excellent sense of direction.
59. I could live on sushi.
60. I brake a toe at least once a year.
61. My driver's license picture looks like a mug shot.
62. I've been in a serious train wreck. We were stuck in that train for 12 hours before being rescued.
63. I'm easily amuzed by very stupid or childish things.
64. I am a sucker for chick flick.
65. I tend to attract bad guys.
66. I was on a freak accident involving a Ping-Pong table.
67. I've had a chip of green paint stuck in my pincky for the last 12 years.
68. I broke my foot while jumping from the toilet seat at the age of 1.
69. I love riding motocycles.
70. I'm always broke.
71. I have restraining orders against 2 ex.
72. I can't stand the sound of harpsichord.
73. I have a fear of Fog.
74. I am affraid of swimming in lakes.
75. I cannot get out of the house without nail polish on my toes. Even in the winter...
76. I have a tendency of wearing short skirts as tops.
77. I'm addicted to flip-flops.
78. I am addicted to underwears : my drawers contains 78 panties and 39 bras.
79. When a passenger in a car, I am prone to very serious panic attacks.
80. I have no sensitivity in my left pincky.
81. I am a very good seamstress.
82. I finished sewing my bridesmaid dress 4 hours before my twin sister's wedding. I somehow managed to do the exact same thing for my youngest sister's wedding...
83. I have only 1 ovary.
84. I like spur of the moment things.
85. I like practical gifts. Power tools are my favorite.
86. I am way too laidback and easy going for most people I know.
87. I have a passion for fabrics. I can spend hours browsing through fabric stores.
88. I eat lobsters with a hammer.
89. My mother is deaf.
90. I used to bite my toe nails.
91. I was born very, very prematurally.
92. I got 2nd degree burns on 90% of my face after tanning while under medication. Luckilly, the only scars are on my hair line.
93. I collect fake diamond rings.
94. I am not a girly girl.
95. I cannot dance, even to save my life.
96. I cannot sleep with my fingers or toes untucked. It will wake me up instantly.
97. I have a permanent mold of a trumpet mouthpiece on my lips.
98. I have a skin disease. If I scratch my skin, it will itch like hell for hours and leave a mark for weeks.
99. I still have a baby tooth.
100. It took me 3 hours to finish this list.


Calliope said...

I feel like I know you so much better now!
I still have a baby tooth as well. (& no wisdom teeth)hmmmmm

Bailey Stewart said...

I love thunderstorms and I hate swimming in lakes too.

Hello, Michele sent me.

Have a great day.

Deana said...

You are an interesting person. I am a chick flick sucker too and I am addicted to my flip flops which sometimes makes me sad because I have so many lovely shoes but skip them to get to my flip flops!

Michele says hi!

Dave said...

I'm interested in why you felt doing this list was a worthwhile way to spend 3 hours?
Here from Michele's today.

Just a trumpet player said...

Dave: probably because it's been raining like its running out of fashion for the past 2 weeks , was unable to sleep and was looking for something to do ?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What an interesting list...
Here from Michele's today and there is a Blog Story in every one of your 100 things! Fascinating.

Paige said...

My goodness, what a list. I don't understand why you want to see my beloved & I fall down the escalator just because we are smooching.
Hey came by way of Michele's today.

Courtney said...

Good list!
Here via Michele today.

Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos said...

Hi Trumpet Player!

You surely are an interesting character! Love your list...

Nico said...

Well, I knew some of them:
5 of course,
10 (and you miss the exit on highway...),
16 (me too),
24 (Europe tour organisation),
37 & 39 which are linked and remind me one special night...
45 (Europe tour organisation),
72 (but you played harpsichord!)
75 (even when someone is waiting for you and you are late ;-)

Sue said...

LOL -- took me a while to read it too LOL -- someday I will do this one -- took long enough to do my DVD list LOL -- thanks for visiting.

Dak-Ind said...

i enjoyed your list. i read the whole thing because frankly, it was interesting... i am curious about the freak ping pong ball incident though.

via michele today

kenju said...

We have # 90 in common....LOL

Michele sent me.

archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

I typically don't do the survey things (mostly because I can't think of anything interesting to answer) but I am very impressed that you did this one and that it only took you 3 hours. I would drag this one out over several days before publishing.

utenzi said...

I gather Nico is your twin, JATP.

Michele sent me to see you and marvel at your... list. :-)

My first thought is that if a 30 year old woman has a dirty mind and likes to drive long distances, I'll provide the money (she's broke) as well as the Godiva ice cream and eggs Benedict.

My second thought is: do you really put mayo on sushi?!?! LOL

PS I'm not a lobster nor an EX. You don't need a hammer nor a restraining order for me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me back to you today...And I still think your Hundred Things are very very interesting!

I love Mayo too, though I don't put it on everything.

Ciera said...

Is the pinky you don't have feeling in the same one that has the paint chip in it?

all that's right, or not said...

found you via michele enjoyed your post, haven't read it all yet. I also might copy the idea one day. Have a nice day!

Just a trumpet player said...

UTENZI : You made my day ! No, Nico is not my twin sister. Nico happens to be a friend, a male friend... And no, I do not put mayo on sushi ; I am not that weird !!

Oh ! and I'm always game for adventure and road trips !

DAK-IND : about the freak ping-pong table accident story... I was helping some friends move a very old ping-pong table when a latch gaved way and the table flew open, cutting off my left pinky. Luckily, doctors were able to sew it back together ! That also explain the chip of paint left in my finger and the no sensitivity thing...

PAIGE : I don't want to see YOU and your sweety fall ! I want to see one of those "get-a-room" couple fall...

Tracie said...

Wow what a great post. I feel like I know lots of random things about you now.

My favorite was #90-I used to do that when I was a kid. (it's scary but true!)

Here via Michele

Sandy said...

Wow. I think 3 hours is pretty good. Just thinking of composing a list of 100 things I'd not mind sticking on the internet hurts my head. :)

Michele sent me over this evening. I enjoyed getting a little clearer picture of someone I enjoy reading.

Marisa said...

I am so impressed, not just with the fact that you finished this list in ONLY 3 hours, but with the list itself.

Michele sent me today and I'm glad she did. I've really enjoyed your site.

Shane said...

I'll be sure not to offer you any jack daniels and cinnamon rolls.

i enjoyed your charming list.


Prego said...

Is the one ovary thing the result of the train wreck or the Metallica concert?

Good list!


here via michele today

utenzi said...

Michele sent me this time, Ms Trumpet. I don't remember why I was here yesterday. I guess my memory is fading with age. eeek!

Wearing short skirts as tops is a very interesting habit. Is this usually preceded by a fifth of Scotch? I thought lampshades and pink elephants were more traditional tho.

I tried to avoid the subject last time, my dear, but my curiousity just overwhelms me. What happened to your nine missing toes? You mentioned that you can't leave the house without applying polish to your toe--and I just have to wonder if this affects how you walk.

100 things about you and I have at least 50 questions about them. Well, that gives me something to comment about for a long while. LOL Do I hear someone say "restraining order"?

Empress Juju said...


But do you think the flip-flop addiction and the broken toes might be connected?

Be well....

LJ said...

Hi there! Thank you for the comment in my space. You know, after reading this list, I find we have quite a bit in common. I am also a twin, but not identical (big difference, but people are still fascinated that I am, in fact, a twin). I'm also an Aries. And, well, the list of similarities would probably take me as long as it took you to finish that list. Very interesting indeed.

I'll be back!

Diane Mandy said...

78-- I thought I had the most extensive bra and panty collection. You have me beat.

shpprgrl said...

Nice list. I'm sure it was amusing putting this together....meaning it was time well spent. Anyway, I am impressed that you color you hair every 3 weeks! Gosh! Bad guys being attracted to you is much better than you being attracted to bad guys by the way....Happy Thursday, Michele sent me!

Prego said...


Thanks for the visit yesterday.

Anonymous said...

LOL !!! Since i'm your twin sister, i know that everything on that list is true. But c'mon...We failed ballet class because we were not flexible enough and now i learn that you use to bite your toes nails ??? Hum...


barbie2be said...

you and i have a lot in common. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Pace said...

Hey there, just came across your blog by accident. Strange...I relate a lot to what you are saying. This might come off more like a pick-up tactic when instead it seems as though I have found someone who I can talk to. I would love to talk adventures with you...visit my webpage first and then decide. It seems like we might be on the same wavelength and it's damn hard to find somebody I can relate to. Oh, yeah...I'm a trumpet player also. I've had anything but an average life and I feel as though I'm slipping back into the same shit rotation. Constantly looking for something that makes me feel as satisfied as the last gig. The bittersweet life that comes with the tragic ending of the musician. So I guess once I hit "post" everybody will see this? Okay, hello everybody else. Cheers...