Wednesday, November 29, 2006

That creepy feeling all over again...

It made headlines this afternoon :

One of my highschool teacher was arrested and formally accused of voyeurism. In the classical girls locker room... For almost a decade, he perched himself on a table, look through the vent opening and watched the girls changing.Classic.

Many people tried to bring him to court in the past, to no avail. But he finally got caught. And he's going to pay for it.

The news brought back many, many unpleasant memories and it makes me really sad to know that what was a known problem almost 20 years ago and what should have been fixed immediately, still remained today.

And you, any disconcerting news lately ?


KaraMia said...

oh creepy!

utenzi said...

I doubt the view through a vent was all that great, maybe he was doing it more for the "thrill" of being a secret perv. At least he's gone now.

Carmi said...

It amazes me how so much of this behavior is known, but it still continues.

It gets me angry, and I pray no one I know will ever be victimized. I'm not sure how I'd respond if they did. Likely not in an appropriate or pretty manner.