Monday, December 18, 2006

Photo Friday... Kind of REALLY late...

I've wanted to post back in the Photo Friday Pool for a very long time but lacked the courage to do so... But since I've been so uninspired lately (Yep, I've been working that much... I'm getting exausted) I tought that now would be a really good time. They say an image is worth a thousand words...

The latest theme was : A is for_____ . And so on. They are now on to letter "J", so brace yourself !!

Here we go :

A is for Alcool

That one was way too easy !! No explanation needed...

is for Baby !

My baby sister recently had a baby (still sounds weird...) I absolutely fell in love with that little girl ; and so did my hormones, unfortunately !

C is for Cremant , of course !!

My favorite beverage. Many people will be surprised by this annoncement... uh...

is for Drunk

Do you see a theme here ?

is also for Diet !!

Yes, Operation JATP is still on. Now down to 14.8 !

is for exception...

The Carnaval de Quebec... The only time of the year where drinking in the streets is tolerated ; it is also - 40 outside but who cares !!

is for Flugelhorn

Yes, I truly am a trumpet player (even though I haven't talked much about it lately...) I recently bought a new Flugelhorn and I can't wait to REALLY try it on.

is for Goat cheese... Eurk...

While touring in France over the summer, I happened to stay on a goat cheese farm...

We got to eat goat cheese for breakfast, lunch, diner and snacks...

I'll never eat goat cheese again.

H is for Harry Potter's dining hall

Yep ! I've been to Harry Potter's school ! uh, well, Christ Church College in oxford that is but still !! It was pretty cool.

is for Illegal

I got to drink Viperine over the summer. A really disgusting drink... also very illegal.

is for pure Joy !

Nico will be in town for my birthday in April !! Now, if he could bring some cremant with him...

Have a great week everybody !!


KaraMia said...

Man i would have loved to go see that dining hall!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh! well done!
now you are actually ahead.

(& I still haven't done my "I" yet...argh!)


nico said...

Sure I will bring some Crémant! And don't forget you will be in Paris for MY birthday ;-)

netchick said...

Hey what a neat blog entry idea... I'll have to try it!!