Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quote of the day...

A Quebec actress said, while answering questions about her weight :

" I definitely don't live in the right time period. But I like to remind myself from time to time that voluptuous figures like mine can be found in museums while today's standards end up on garage walls... "

What do you think ?


kenju said...

As a teen and young woman, I was incredibly skinny (think Kate Moss) and now I am more Rubenesque, or more to the standards that were in vogue when the great painters were doing their thing. That actress is right, and I do believe I see a swing in the pendulum toward a more healthy weight for women being the norm.

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craziequeen said...

I am more Rubens than Moss - but my answer to the actress would be 'admirable, but more people will probably see the woman on the garage wall than the one in the museum' - a sad indictment of modern society......

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Carmi said...

I sincerely hope her words are heeded. Too thin is an incredibly dangerous ideal for today's young girls.

Balance doesn't seem to fit into the ethos of pop culture anymore. Too bad for us.

Prego said...

I must admit... I love the big hussies. I'm not talking about the ones that crack sidewalks, but the ones that won't shy away from a sandwich.

Nice to see you today.