Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Birthday is coming up !!

Dear mom, dad, Rachel and Garry ( yeah ... I do know you guys are reading this blog : I have that magic thing called *statcounter* that keeps me in the know... So glad you all know that I tend to get drunk quite frenquently and own a flashlight )

Since you all grew tired of my stupid answers about birthday gifts many years ago and simply stoped asking me , I though I'd surprise you this year and make a real AND plausible list. I know, I'm that great !!

So here we go :

Books !! I do know that at the spead I get through them, getting a library card would be a better idea but I just LOVE the smell of new books.

But it can't be just any books though ! The intellectual in me needs chick lit...

Flip-Flops !! No, one can never have enough of those. Ever.

A Lomo Oktomat. I know ! So cool !!

"A camera that captures a tiny, eight-frame action sequence with one press. Uses 35 mm films." I soooooooooo need that !!

Mr. Potato Head. Just because.

And finally, my very own chocolate cake. Because I always had to share mine and it's about time I get one JUST FOR ME !! I'm that self centered...

Oh ! And Happy "April Fool's Day" birthday to you too Rachel !! I know : I just had to plug our very serious birth date... I wish you a day without any crisis with some time for yourself. But your turn : What should I get you ?? I'll take any reasonable suggestion... But it's got to be for YOURSELF and should include no kids or husband. Sorry !


calliope said...


Anonymous said...

Here's my list...

Since i'm gona read all of your new books...I don't actually need new books...

I do want the "Baileys-cheese-cake" that we saw the other day...Miam !!! but i've already paid for it...this morning...

The kids will need new summer clothes...maybe some help ?

That's my list !!!

Love you, R.

rosemary said...

Happy Birthday....hope you get all the books you want.

craziequeen said...

Happy Birthday, JATP!!

[waits at table with plate and fork]

any cake left...??

Michele sent me to say hi!