Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random stuff ... Yes, I am that busy !

- Nico (a good friend now living in Cambridge, UK) ate a poutine less than 20 minutes after landing. I'll agree, it was indeed a trip from hell and we were in a rush but he might have just set some new record.

- I gaved my nephew a mohawk over the weekend. Just to freak out his mom. And it worked. Off course, I shaved it off before he went out to school: the attitude that piece of hair was giving him was way too freaky !! But darn, the look on his mom's was priceless !!

- My 7 month old niece just started walking. Her mom is in sooooo much trouble !!

- We had to redo a take during a recording session last weekend because a mic picked up a growling stomach...

- I just learned that one of my favorite band , Das Contras, will be in Rochester, NY on June 15th for the Jazz Festival. You should definitely check them out if you have the chance. I know I will !! Those guys are awesome !!

- The thing that finally put a smile on my face this week ? A gargantuesque army brat fixing his car while belting out a Roxette song. Thinking about it, that could have made a pretty good blackmailing clip...

- A very smelly guy sitting in front of me in the bus, got up and stuck his hands IN his pants to fix a wedgie. Then smelled his hands.

I might have nightmares for a while.

How about you ? How's your week going ??


rosemary said...

How was your birthday????? Carry that alcohol hand stuff and Clorox wipes next time you bus....and use them! My husband was doing a web cast from home that picked up the cats miaowing in his office a few weeks ago...he heard about it several times. My kid lives in Rochester...I'll alert him about the Jazz festival

Mr. Althouse said...

Just another good reason never to take the bus. I wonder... never mind.

Michele sent me,


archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Wow, sounds like a whirlwind week - cool. Sometimes it's best to be busy without feeling pressured. Kind of makes you feel alive without wishing you were dead.

Nico said...

Yeah that poutine was very good indeed! Especially after more than 24h of airport and plane food...
And then we have spent a lovely week end recording the disc in Charlevoix. I did quite a brilliant performance: playing the finale note about 3 seconds before everybody else, completely alone :-p

'see I am speaking British now, adding "indeed" at the end of the sentences and usind "brilliant" and "lovely" ;-)