Friday, October 19, 2007

Work Environment...

You put a bunch of eternal kids with serious jobs and put them in the same department. Could be a recipe for disaster. But we have nicknames for each others. We play mind games all day long. We're the 7 Snow Whites and the dwarf and we send funny emails from time to time to keep things real...

Sent yesterday by the Director of the program (And yes, I am one of the trolls....) :

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today.

At yesterday’s Blah Blah Conference, a gentleman stumbled across my path.

On seeing that I was from the Blah Blah Blah, he proceeded to inform me of his night of debauchery with one of our Snow Whites, well not as Snowy White as we thought.

Whilst this night of revelry did take place out of office hours, our reputation has been sullied. He informed of his traipse across Town in search of a good time, the farmer’s market, a tour of the architectural features of this fine capital and then eventually to Snow White’s home. Exhausted, he was unable to defend his honour!!!

In retrospect, I think it was poor judgment in hiring two trolls. The combination of a cave and a Lac Saint Jean troll has resulted in a downward spiral of moral values.

I have informed the Dean that with immediate effect all Snow White benefits have been halted. He has agreed to fund Dr Phil and Oprah to come to the school to help us with our Troll Issue.

Who would want to leave that kind of place ? I'm definitely staying.

How about you : What makes you want to go to work every morning ? Beside the paycheck that is...


Janet said...

You're very lucky! The only thing that makes me want (and I use that term loosely) to go to work every morning, is, in fact, the paycheck. Pitiful, I know!

Hi, Michele sent me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well right now I'm a student. And I guess what keeps me going is an insatiable curiosity. Of course I have days where playing hooky is quite tempting. But I would never want to quit.

Michele sent me.

Smiler said...

I don't. I'm on medical leave right now. Which is why I have so much time to devote to my blog. Eventually I'll be better and find my motivation to go back to work again. Thanks for coming by my blog btw!