Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lets talk about it...

Lets talk about it.

I had to do some shopping today. Shapewear. Yeah. That kind of shopping. Very intimidating.

See, I have been invited to attend a special ceremony. Ceremony that calls for a dress and heals. Fun, I know. And I really want to look my best for that event, from all angles. Well, as many as possible anyway!

So I headed to a specialty store and browsed around. After only a couple of minutes, that sweet older lady came to my rescue and told me she knew exactly what I needed. After various measurements were taken, I was shipped to the dressing room.

How in hell are we supposed to put those darn things on ? Really !!! After what seemed like 15 minutes, I let out a huge grunt in despair. That's when the nice lady came asking if I was alright... After another 15 minutes, I was out of the dressing room and ready to make my first "lady" purchase. Yep; I only tried one on. I'm not that keen on self humiliation.

While wrapping my purchase, the sales lady proceeded to explain the basic cares of my new garment and then, with the quirkiest smile ever, said: "Honey, if you ever hope to marry some day, I would never, under any circumstances, put on or remove that garment in front of any decent man. Ever. Understood ? 'Cause I personally think that is the reason why so many of you girls are single these days. "

Duly noted.

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Diane Mandy said...

No she didn't!

Did she?