Saturday, July 5, 2008

What I didn't blog about...

The last few weeks where quite hectic. Crazy hectic.

Here's what I didn't talk about:

- Moved my mom, again. She's had an other small stroke and living in an apartment, even a supervised one, was getting too difficult for her. She still has the same address but she is now living in the studio area, area she will remain in until, well, I won't say it. That would make it too real. It's been quite weird to see her mingle with her new friends. Most people living in that part of the residence are 80 year old and older. But she seems to belong to that group. She looks at peace now. Those are people who are going through the exact same thing as she is. She can relate to their daily struggles. I guess I'm the one who need to adapt now...

- Made my mom destroy a partly knitted sweater. That sweater was to be my birthday gift 18 years ago. She never got around to finish it but was hanging to it like her dear life. But knitting is not an option anymore and instead of just throwing it away, we had a small destruction party. She laughed and giggled the whole time...

- Managed, with the help of my fantastic cousin, to bring a Queen size mattress into my apartment. A huge challenge since the staircases are very, very narrow. So narrow that regular size fridge or oven would not fit. There was a lot of bending, for us and the mattress. Bending in ways I didn't think were possible. Don't ask. But that mattress is the most comfiest thing ever. It was worth every bruises and scratches. But I'll definitely hire movers to get it out of here. I'm not that crazy!

- Spent the most amazing time with a special someone. Let's call him Bob. He and I used to go out over 10 years ago. Things ended between us because I felt lost and overwhelmed. And I guess I wasn't mature enough to handle the relationship. And we lost touch. But by some weird turns of events, we recently started to exchange emails and chats every nights. We're talking about hours on ends of chatting over the Internet. So we decided to have fun for the summer. See what happen. There'll be a lot of travelling back and forth involved in order for us to see each other, though. I don't know how to define this relationship other than I am having a lot of fun and am loving every minute of it. I missed him.

There. I said it.

Hello, My name is JATP and I missed Bob.

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