Thursday, May 21, 2009

The secret is out...

I did it again: I disapeared.

I had this huge secret and couldn't talk about it and didn't know what else to talk about so instead, I just didn't write anything.

I can finally talk about the big secret so here I am !

The big secret ? I am pregnant. In my 14th week.

I didn't know if I'd be comfortable talking about it over here: I fell very protective for some reason. And then there were so many chances for the pregnancy not to stick around that we decided to save ourselves from the hearthache of having to announce to everybody that there wouldn't be a baby after all. We've even waited quite a long time before announcing the big news to our familly and friends. A bit too long actually (Sorry Rachel...).

But then I realized: We actually had less than 0.0003% of ever conceiving. And we did it. And I stayed pregnant. So I should be proud of it. I should even be able to brag about it a little ! I know someone's quite proud of his little guys ! Ahem... Yeah. He likes to brag about it...

My energy level is finally up. I had major morning sickness that actually lasted all day long for 8 weeks. Not fun. I have a newfound respect for women who have to endure that all through pregnancy.

I also have the weirdest cravings ever ! There I was thinking I'd have to fight the urge for Ice Cream, chocolate or anything sugar and little do you know, the smell of them makes me queasy ! I actually salivate and would kill for fruits and tomatoes. I've been eating a cantaloup a day for the past few weeks and eating toasted tomato sandwiches as if my life depended on it.

The belly is already out: some people could argue that I've had a belly all along but this one is actually firm and cute ! That also means the maternity clothes are already out ! Speaking of clothes: What is it with maternity stores that want me to either look like a sex kitten or a tent ? Why can't I just look like my regular self, but with a belly ?

Tell me. Please.


Anonymous said...

Yéé ! The secret is finally out !!

Now...PAYBACK TIME !!! Think about ALL the noisy gifts you gave my kids...

R. xxx

calliope said...

I am so so excited and happy for you!
so glad you shared.