Thursday, June 18, 2009

About that...

Here's a list of things people should mention before you get pregnant...

- Bed rest: With no internet access. Booo...

- Thirst: I usually drink 12.5 litres of water a day.

- The peeing thing: see thirst.

- Constipation: Enough said.

- Cravings: I need fruits. At all time. And be prepared to hear me whine if I can't get any when I want them.

- Mood swings: Why in hell am I crying while watching 'Say yes to the dress' ? WHY ?? I don't even know these people; why am I caring so much ?? And why am I getting so angry about that ??

- Bionic nose: I can smell weird things miles away. Not kidding.

- Food aversion: The things I couldn't live without before ? Suddenly can't stand them. We're talking about mayo, chocolate and candies here. What's up with that ?

- Belly touchers: Strangers practically attacking your belly and touching it. Why. WHY ????

- Lineups: Had bloodwork done last week. The clinic is open beetwen 6:15am and 9:15am. Thinking we were being smarty pants and that we'd be back in bed by 6:30am, we got there at 6:05am. People were lining up OUTSIDE the building. We'll have to work on a strategy for the next time. Cause a pregnant women with a full bladder and an empty stomach waiting in line to be pocked by needles ? Nobody want's to see that.

Anything else I should add ?

** I must admit: Bob has been a great sport since the beginning of this adventure. And has not complained much about my numerous demands. And the greatest thing is: He asks questions. Talks to the baby. Rubs my feet and puts oil on my belly. Will be co-sleeping with me at the hospital. Has not laught once at my cravings and tries to find what I want, even when I can't even put words to it. And by seeing him be as excited as I am about this whole thing, I know he'll be a great dad.



calliope said...

awwww. Bob sounds great. and you? well you sound preggo!

Anonymous said...

"Anything else I should add ?" That you are beautiful and will be a wonderful mother... Can't wait to see my new nephew/niece or will it be twins ? hihihi

R. xxx

waiter said...

I just had my first baby.