Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I know, I know...

Yup ! I've been away for quite some time ! Summer's been quite hectic: Bob had 7 weeks of vacation and we made the most of it. And that meant being away from the computer... which I don't regret for one second ! Well, except... Anyway. (Sorry Audrey...)

So here's what happened since I last posted:

- We'll be having a delivery surprise !

- Apart from a few bedrest episodes, the pregnancy is finally going well ! I am now in my 28th week. The baby is kicking like crazy and the belly is getting huge ! It actually measures 4 weeks ahead... The boobs are also getting ginormous: as in 36G. You read it right: I'm now a size G. Holly crap! I have gained a grand total of 4.5 pounds so far, which I am quite pleased with ! Some people could say that it is by far not enough, but as my OB so gently mentioned, it is not as if I didn't have good fatty reserves before... Ahem...

- We bought a kiddy pool for our backyard. One big enough so I can sit in the pool and have water up to my neck. 'Cause my pregnant self and heat don't go too well together... The pool has some funny drawings on the side:

Which means that babes on all 4 are not allowed in the pool ??

- Seen in the same building, sharing the same entry hall: a daycare center and a XXX club. Am I the only one who's weirded out by this ?

- We bought ourselves an old baby grand piano ! I must admit that we were really in the market for a used apartment piano but this one really caught our eyes and was actually beggin us to please take it home. So we did. And we love it ! Moka isn't so sure about that new big brown thing sitting in the living room though !

- We were lucky enough to find a daycare center. For the ones not familliar with the process of finding a daycare center over here: as there is a governement runned program, available to everyone, allocating spots at $7 / day for daycare, there is usually a waiting list of 18 months, up to 3 years, depending on the area. The ones not fortunate enough to find such a spot have to pay up to $80 / day for the same services. But we did find a daycare center. 5 minutes away from home, starting in September 2010. Right on time for the end of my maternity leave.

We were also fortunate enough to find a familly doctor. Which is almost non-existent over here. Bob asked his doctor, in a leap of faith, if he knew of a pediatrician who could still take on new patients (a rarity over here as well, as the government has legislation on how many patients a physician can take on...). Turns out that, well, his doctor is also doing pediatric ! And just to see how far his luck would go , Bob also asked if, well, he had opening for the me... Turns out that he'll take the whole familly. Phew !

We rock ! Well, Bob rocks, as he's the one who had the guts to ask... ;)

But that lifted a huge weight on my shoulders: we have a daycare center. We have a familly doctor who'll take on the whole familly. Even if we eventually add to it. And I have a OB/GYN who'll take me as a regular patient, as well.

- As we are the last ones to have kids in both our famillies, we were fortunate enough to get a lot of free stuff ! Some people seem to have isues with used furniture and stuff. I definitely don't. Hey ! It's free !! And beside: your baby used it once. It is now, well, used... Same thing. Just a different owner. I made a list of things I though we'd need, called my sisters, and cratched most items from my list as I quickly learned that they were more that happy to get rid of all that baby stuff hanging in their basements! To only thing left to do is to set up the room. But as Bob starts working again this week, I'll have plenty of time to do that !

That, and to update this blog more often...


Calliope said...

yay for an update from you!!! You look fantastic, sweetie. Beautiful. Hope things continue to do well and that you keep the updates coming! (or at least e-mail me when you have the baby!)

Nico said...

Ouais c'est bien d'avoir des nouvelles!!!

Je suis bien content que tout se passe bien :)

En Sibérie tout se passe bien, et puis j'ai eu de belles vacances!
Je sais c'est bien loin du Québec, mais peut-être que l'an prochain j'aurai l'occasion de venir tous vous voir...

En attendant, gros becs!

Anonymous said...

Salut Veronique

Bien content de voir que tout se passe bien pour toi.