Wednesday, May 3, 2006


What else can I say...

Hum... OUCH ! ?

I've been cleaning the wounds 4 times a day and putting those special bandaids on. What else should I be doing ? It is still bleeding and looks like a pile of raw flesh ( sorry... not very appealing this early in the morning... )

Any ideas anyone ?

Help !!!


Calliope said...

you need to not wear shoes for a while, gal.

looks like it hurts so badly :(

kristal said...

I agree. Keep the shoes off! OUCH.

Michele sent me.

Melinda said...

Yowza! The best thing I found while I was a professional dancer (since, as you would know, the show must go on) was Dr. Scholl's Blister Block. It's on the footcare aisle with the insoles and such. They make one for heels and it stays on for a couple of days. Enough cushion to protect the area and the time to let your body heal itself. I never would have made it through competitions and breaking in new shoes without the stuff. Also, avoid wearing the same shoes that created the blisters and never wear the same shoes two days in a row will help prevent future ouchies.

And thanks for stopping by my place!

wendela said...

Use duct tape over your band-aids to prevent further ripping off of your skin. When I used to do distance, I'd wrap areas of my feet prone to blisters in it- it works!

salaciousD said...

Wool. Not treated wool, real wool straight off a sheeps back (or, more likely, picked off a fence... but you get the picture). I got the tip while walking in Scotland.

There's lanolin in the wool, which acts as a lubricant and has healing properties. Don't be tempted to wash the wool before you put it in your boots, either, cos you'll wash the lanolin out.

It's best to use it before you get the blisters, but it'll certainly stop them getting worse.

All of the above is only of use if you are somewhere the farmers keep sheep, of course. :)

Afterwards, use something called Blisteze... it's a 2nd skin type thing.